About Paceline Engineering:

Paceline Engineering is an engineering design company specializing in product design, prototyping, testing, manufacturing planning, and project management. Paceline Engineering works closely with all cross-functional teams within your company to effectively manage and deliver on time and high-quality engineering services.

If you have capacity issues or simply need competent support in developing your product, Paceline Engineering is here to support your team and guide you towards winning results.

To request more information or to inquire about solutions for your engineering requirements, please send an email to pacelineengineering@gmail.com

Sample Experience:

  • Medical: PET, PET/CT, and SPECT/CT Imaging System components and assemblies, Imaging Phantoms, Surgical-Assist Devices

  • Industrial material handling: Conveyor Systems, Robotic Pick-and-Place Systems

  • Consumer products: Reverse Osmosis and Water Softener Filtration Systems, Tools, Lighting Systems

  • Manufacturing production and test: Assembly Tools and Fixtures, Automated Production and Test Equipment, Production Build Work Instructions, Testing Procedure Documentation

  • Field service: Custom Installation Tools, Service Instruction Manuals

  • Facility Layouts: Production Logistics & Material Flow

In-House Tools and Capabilities:

  • Solidworks: 3D CAD, Mechanical and Flow Simulation, Electrical 3D, Solidworks Plastics

  • AutoCAD

  • 3D Printing

  • Prototype & low volume part production using Silicone Molds and Carbon Fiber layup

Industry Support:

If you lack the internal or external resources to meet your prototyping or manufacturing needs, Paceline Engineering has extensive experience with outside industry support that can be recommended to fulfill your project requirements. These range from prototype and production machining, pc board design and assembly, plastic injection molding, casting and forging, welding, paint and powder coating, certified testing facilities, and full off-site production facilities.